Tsing Standard New Energies Research Center

Tsing Standard New Energies Research Center is part of Tsingtech group from Tsinghua University. The commission starts with the renovation of an old abandon warehouse in East Beijing to turn it into a modern electric car and new energies research and service center. It will host most national top electric cars brands such as Xiaopeng, Weltmeister, Baic, Nio, etc. The program includes 3000 SQM for equipments and maintenance of cars as well as technology development in 2F. The north face contains the reception programs, guests services, water bar and vip lounge, concentrating the office functions on 2F. 

From the outside due to the elongated horizontal proportion of the original structure, the rhythm, size and dimensions of the windows and doors was a key. We choose to create an extended black metal window frame in order to minimize the impact of the horizontal warehouse beams and create a more elegant and modern facade. By keeping the original bricks and concrete columns we remind the history of the building mixing old and new in a delicate balance. 

The main north facade is facing Guangqulu. To enhance the presence of the building to the public and the city we opened most of the north wall previously blocked, allowing the surroundings to see the functions and interior and at the same time bringing natural light to the lobby and reception areas. 

The sense of technology is represented by LED films lights, touch screens and smart devices in VIP areas. In order to highlight the exhibition of the new models the ceiling and the floor communicate to each other pointing at the cars and letting the visitors look around them from different point of view.

We selected a combination of materials that not only represent the client’s brand but also combined the industrial origin of the building with a future sense. A touch of purple from our VI design which is also a symbol of Tsinghua university appear in soft hidden led lights and fabrics in office area. Wood tones bring warm atmosphere for meeting rooms and discussion areas and exposed metal structure allowed us to gain a higher space in the added 2F. Through a full height glass panel the office areas also are visually connected with the lobby and exhibition space. 

AE Architects is proud of taking part in the country’s development which is leading the world in such areas as new energies and electric car industry.

  • Project Year
  • Location
    Beijing, China
  • Area
    700 ㎡
  • Architects
    AE Architects
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