Green View · Mangrove Penthouse Apartment

Is a luxury penthouse in the top floor of an exclusive compound in futian district, Shenzhen. Facing Hong Kong in the other side of the river, the apartment in the 44th. Floor enjoys privilege views to the green landscape as well as the CBD district of Futian. 


From the entrance a foyer welcome the guests with a panoramic view of the city. Dark brown tones add a touch of warm with elegance. In front of the window a delicate marble stone wall with a combination of greens and terra patterns folded in the floor embodies the main future of the space. A composition of modern bench and shoes cabinet offer comfort for the foyer functions. 

The living room moves from South to North having an open terrace and a tea room in the opposite ends. Natural materials like stone and wood were added to the surfaces. A folded window system completely open the space to the terrace, creating a smooth transition between inside and outside. The stone TV wall and the metal cabinet act as background connecting the living room with the dinning room as a continuous space. Facing the kitchen a wine cabinet support the dinning functions and add warm tones to the atmosphere with the wood materials. A touch of metal of the pending lamp and the screen appear in a delicate balance and gives privacy to the tea area without blocking the space. 

We choose mild warm tones in the floor and walls of the tea room. Both side walls have an identical open shelve cabinet adding symmetry and ritual mood to the composition. Simple details combine modern with tradition while minimal art pieces bring the feeling of Zen to the space. A high contrast between the tea culture activities and the busy city of Shenzhen appear from the window. 

Through the corridor the layout moves to the dormitory areas having as background the signature green marble stone. Minimal white doors with a classic black metal detail guide us to the guests rooms, on the South mild  tones are combined with a dark red color which emphasis the horizontal movement of the ceiling smoothly connecting the space with the full glass window. Lines fillet in the corners create the unique geometry of surfaces and accessories.

The North guest bedroom is the addition of a small room and a double height balcony. After connecting both spaces into one we created an interesting transition from 2.6m height to 5m height. The loft space brings natural light from the top of the apartment tower and wash the marble walls with elegance. Bright, clean and white modern surfaces complete the space. 

At the end of the corridor we find the master bedroom in suite, a guest bathroom and the girl room. All spaces with unique style and different combination of materials brings personality to different users. 

We choose for master bedroom matte surfaces of delicate plaster. The bed back wall appears moving vertically and connect the ceiling with the full glass window. The soft round corners lighten the heavy structure of beams and evolve in a scaled cozy sub areas. 

While the suite bathroom is bright and gentle luxury the guest bathroom is dark and cool young. The signature green marble stone appears in the shower room as a completed envelope and in the basin in a balanced detail. Finally the girl room with a touch of light pink softly create a feminine young classic space.

Green View Apartment is the combination of young luxury modern design with architectural space transformations by using the constrains as an advantage to open the spaces bring natural lights, extend the panoramic views and the relations between outdoor and indoor to the limits. Classic modern, Zen and luxury are in a delicate balance. The open spaces enhance the scale and make it feel double of its real size, a new lifestyle in the heart of Futian. 

  • Project Year
  • Location
    Shenzhen, China
  • Area
    152 ㎡
  • Architects
    AE Architects
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