Jya Products Launch

When we got the commission from Smartmi’s next generation brand Jya to develop a display box to be set at the center of the opening of the new products launch to the public we took it as a challenge and as good opportunity to try, develop and build new ideas in a very short time. The brief from the client require to have a high tech look, to be simple and to smoothly match their products design and philosophy. 

We analyzed their products and the materials they use, the lines and the simplicity pushing to a minimalistic style. From the very beginning we felt the project requirements perfectly fits our own design philosophy and style. 

Starting from there we discussed several ideas and concepts, hand sketched and brainstorming until visualized a good story to tell for the new products design. Being the main material for all of them metal we connected it’s origin from the nature and created a new landscape like an artificial valley from where the products come out. 

The atmosphere was set at night in a imaginary lake surrounded by mountains and quietly washed by the moonlight. Soft wind moves and creates the round shapes of the products, silver and black metal cover the technological devices and complete the overall look of a high tech future just born and pointing ahead. 

In order to build the natural landscape in short time and turn the complexity and organic nature of the forms into a simple system to follow we transformed the 3D into 2D. Several layers carefully organized in a succession finally create the dynamic 3D forms. The chosen material was white PVC chopped up by laser. Each PVC panel was 12mm thick and after overlap them and fix them together were painted dark gray color. The floor of the display box was covered by a matte metal panel that softly reflected the products on its surface just like the image of the midnight lake washed by the moon. Following the scale and size of the products each landscape adapt itself to emphasize as much as possible the product series. An a standing air conditioner and speaker, a fan, a heater, an air cleaner and two desk lamps were on display. All the walls of the box was made by glass except the background which we painted black to have the perfect contrast to the silver metal color of the products. Finally a ring of lights where attached on the ceiling to point each product.

One of the requirements for the installation was that has to be build inside the box just in one hour, since at the start of the opening the box appears empty and as a screen on its glass surfaces. Therefore all the parts where brought to the site and assembled there. 

The result is a gray scale tones of a garden that highlight the new series of Jya products and communicate with them, emphasizing the soft lines and softly moving with the products in an installation where all the elements seems to be born together. 

  • Project Year
  • Location
    Beijing, China
  • Area
    10 ㎡
  • Architects
    AE Architects
  • Photographs
    Chiara Ye
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