SPORiT Office

The new SPORiT offices, located in the heart of the central business district in Beijing takes the company's services related to the sports as a main concept. In order to connect the entrance with the main axis of the plan we design a 'running track like' path which not only works as a walk way but also helps to divide the different functions of the layout.

We located the services at the back of the plan, giving priority to the working and resting areas to enjoy the natural light and the impressive view of the city CBD district.

The company brand and logo was integrated in the design from the color scheme to the composition of the space.

The meeting room appear as a key part of the space acting not only to service its function itself but also as a stage and a media wall background from the entrance.

The running track ends in a sofa booth and two terraces by the window from where to enjoy the scale of the CCTV tower and its surroundings. The wood material bring warm tones to the high contrast red and black pallet and also embrace the spirit of SPORiT company. 

  • Project Year
  • Location
    Beijing, China
  • Area
    200 ㎡
  • Architects
    AE Architects
  • Photographs
    Chiara Ye
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