HK Tsim Sha Tsui Salon

In a joint venture of the famous brands Aveda and IL COLPO we created this new shop in the heart of Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui area. Aveda well known for its eco-friendly hair and skin care products and IL COLPO hair and nails salons joined their international experience in the beauty industry to offer a complete service for their clients in this new location.


Their philosophy inspired us to combine sustainable design with modern, simplicity and pureness. Following our traditional minimal style, the composition and geometry appears as the ideal solution for all the requirements.

The shop front facing the street attract the users with the brand image, a touch of natural elements and products behind a full glass window visually open the gate to the public space. A pure volume of terrazzo that holds the logo and a LED screen frames the shop window.

Since the store is completely in the underground level, the entrance and the stairs become especially important. A double height wall with a diagonal composition made by wood panels and metal not only acts as the background of the shop front but also the stair’s handrail. Marble floor and reception desk contrast with the green wall and metal lines that add dynamism and movement to the space.


Left of the reception desk a horizontal display wall guide us to the hair cut and VIP areas. In order to add flexibility for the air conditioner machines, fresh air and lightings, we choose an open ceiling with louvers. The result is a clean and functional surface that also enhances the feeling of the height. White film lights wash with sufficient illumination the hair cut areas while hidden LED lights creates more private and intimate atmosphere in the washing area. Just between them a golden metal cabinet stand out from the terrazzo wall acting both as a partition and special feature in the space. 

Minimal composition that follows the functions, the right amount of lights for different spaces, a touch of green and natural materials, elongated proportions and dynamic metal details complete this comfortable, sophisticated and modern store.


  • Project Year
  • Location
    China, Hong Kong
  • Area
    195 ㎡
  • Architects
    AE Architects
  • Photographs
    Abel Erazo
3 / 10