ARMS Hair salon

Arms hair salon is located in Lido, Beijing in an exclusive commercial area. Our client, a renowned Japanese hair dresser ask us to create a simple, modern and calm place where his customers can feel relax and comfortable. Also the sense of high ending was required. Due to the small size of the shop 62.24 m² we created a diagonal pattern in different directions to deepen the perspective of the plan and make it feel bigger than actually is.

Also a complete transparent shop front increase the size of the space and attract clients to come in. The glass wall is made by a plane surface and several vertical louvers, between them short shelves made by glass as well support the products of the salon. Finally the whole wall become a display wall and at the same time give some privacy to the waiting area.

The theme of the louvers follow the idea of the pattern and is an effective way to create a sequence of spaces connected to each other, working also in the direction of deepen the perspective of the place. To copy exactly the direction of the lines on ceiling and floor is to give order and emphasis the important elements of the plan. The reception area, the waiting area, the basin area, the sections area, the VIP area and the color bar area. The staff room is set at the end of the color bar as a private room which also works as storage. The bench by the waiting area has storage function as well.

A sequence of rectangular boxes unit is repeated exactly in different areas, working as supportive shelve for the shampoo functions, the store and display of the color products and VIP area.

Using the same wood tone unify the space and give a warm and elegant touch. The reception desk include black stone and white stone marble.

  • Project Year
  • Location
    Beijing, China
  • Area
    62.24 ㎡
  • Architects
    AE Architects
  • Photographs
    Chiara Ye
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