Tokugawa Restaurants Beijing Cuiwei Shop

Cuiwei is our second store designed for Tokugawa Inc. Following the concept and directions of the first restaurant the entrance welcome guests with an enlarged logo wall made by 3D fiber glass model representing a big piece of stone in a Japanese garden. To the left the sake wine cabinet and to the right a vertical louver wall completes framing the shop front.


Behind the wooden louvers wall a natural plaster surface painted with dark red terracotta color introduce us to the sofa seating area. The corners have been rounded to add softness and smooth the flow by the entrance. Lamps in the floor illuminate the textures and guide us through the space reminding the night landscape Japanese scenes.


The sofa seating is facing the tatami rooms but thanks to an strategic way of locating their entrances we don’t see the people, giving a comfortable and intimacy feeling along the corridor. The tatami rooms act then as background with a variety of wooden pattern screens framed by LED lights, which illuminate the grid and floor like gigantic Japanese lamps.


The shop front divide the entrance in two corridors, the left one moves between the sushi bar and tatami rooms. We located the openings facing this side offering one of the brand key elements as background as well as intimacy. The semi private tatami rooms are slightly rotated and intentionally not aligned adding dynamism to the space and random shortcuts.


This small pass-ways are treated with different stone pavement and illuminated by the tatami boxes themselves, which are lifted from the floor 25cm creating the idea of floating stage. Under the boxes LED belt lights illuminate the small stones textures and the step by the entrance. Functionality and beauty are combined together.


With 500 sqm floor plan the restaurant offer a variety of seatings with different grade of privacy. Behind the entrance tatami boxes surround a booth area for 10 people. A wood drop ceiling support the pending concrete lights like a shelter under the night sky. The wooden patterns all around the space add depth, variety and sophistication.


A second sofa area between the water bar and the VIP rooms appear like a refreshing open patio in the Japanese alleys. High wooden screens protect the privacy and create a warm background. At the back of the sofa a self-service black marble counter support the functions of kitchen and bar. LED lights carefully located emphasize the horizontal lines and patterns.


The VIP rooms are divided in 2 tatami Japanese style and 4 Chinese style. Mobile panels divide the tatami rooms so it could be use for 6 or 12 people depends of the situation and events.


The Chinese style rooms has private cabinets and a small garden, adding green and natural feelings to the space. Cuiwei store emphasize all the qualities of Tokugawa restaurants in a larger scale welcoming guests in this privilege location in west Beijing. 

  • Project Year
  • Location
    Beijing, China
  • Area
    500 ㎡
  • Architects
    AE Architects
  • Photographs
    Ren Xianbing
3 / 10