IL COLPO Salon TV (Ping An Building Store)

IL COLPO Ping An Salon TV is located on the 4th Floor of Ping An Shopping Mall, part of Ping An Tower, the tallest building in SZ. It enjoys an excellent commercial location in the city. AE Architects is the chosen design team for IL COLPO Group, many stores in cities around China has been designed by AE Architects, each of them with its own style and concept. For Ping An store, we faced several constraints. The main challenge was to create an interesting concept along such a narrow and elongated floor plan. We choose the triangle as a language to connect the floor, walls and backgrounds. At the same time it creates a rhythm that match very well with the function of a hair salon, dividing each section with its own closet, cabinet and private sense.

The Store is located close to escalator, which connects third floor and fourth floor. The reception area is open to the public, welcome passer-by with the curved surfaces and soft lines of the counter. The luxurious gray and white marble of the background wall interacts with the triangle geometry, giving the soft feeling space a unique sense of design. The film lights on the ceiling highlights the reception area with a bright and clean sense. A light box on the background, simple and stylish, shows the brand style.

At the end of the corridor there are two areas divided by a background KOL wall. The water bar and the director's area. Soft lines connected with the ceiling add depth to the perspective, metal sconce highlight the LOGO and a sculpture place in front of the wall complete the attractive background for taking pictures. The KOL wall on the left, with dark lines, metal arc frame, round mirror and geometric metal wall lamp decoration, is a special feature in the space.

The water bar for serving customers drinks and water, has been added details, gentle lines of the counter with rectangle metal base, The angles and geometry is connected with the floor pattern. The soft arc structure of the water bar forms a contrast with the sharp geometric shape, making the whole space with variety, and differentiation of areas.

The Shampoo room in front of the water bar by contrast uses dark marble wall and light strips in the cabinet only for the convenience of staffs, aiming to create a relaxed and private environment for customers.Optimizing the layout we set 7 VIP rooms, 14 open sections and 4 director sections in this long and narrow space of 280 square meters. Along the corridor like a fashion show stage walk we integrates aesthetics, artistic sense and functions, welcoming people to explore charm towards the future.

  • Project Year
  • Location
    Shenzhen, China
  • Area
    280 ㎡
  • Architects
    AE Architects
  • Photographs
    Chiara Ye
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