Champion Pizza New Brand Image & Model Store

Champion Pizza founded in 1990s, is a Chinese brand chain pizza restaurant. There are more than 2,000 chain stores among China. Rooted in the community and office building at a very fair price, penetrated into the neighborhood and white-collar workers, provided convenient online ordering and take away service, so that delicious food can transcend time and space constraints. Western style pizza with localized tastes to meet Chinese consumers needs which has made Champion Pizza become one of the pizza leading brands well-known to consumers.

In 2022, Champion Pizza starts the brand upgrade plan. AE Architects is the selected company for this upgrade, the tasks include store interior design and brand image design.

AE Architects retained the yellow elephant IP of Champion Pizza and simplify it, making it modern and pure, playful and cute. Champion pizza is very popular among families and kids, so the yellow color with a touch of red also connect with children and cartoon world. Chief designer Abel Erazo said that the original red color was too heavy and contradicted the current brisk social rhythm. The new yellow color is fashion and modern. It continued the cuteness of the elephant IP, and it connected the deliciousness of durian pizza, one of the unique specialty of Champion Pizza. 

Champion Pizza store is the first model store for the brand upgrade, mainly offers takeaway service, and equips with a simple and bright restaurant. Large windows at shop front give guests an excellent view of the interior. The store is dominated by yellow, supplemented by wood and concrete. The yellow chairs, wood dining table, gray bench seats and small round tables are all displayed to give variety to the layout. At the same time locate larger amount of people with a private sense. Every position has an interesting view of the space and don’t feel crowded. The pizza painting on the background wall is playful. We added green plants to increase the natural sense. The whole space is full of cheerful, fashionable and modern, making passerby want to open the door and go inside.

The store interior design is a part work of the upgrade plan. Since the main business of this fast food brand is online ordering, the store close to the community gives a strategic network of fast delivery. The pizza box becomes one of the image of the brand since is the product that everyone gets. We have created several options and variety of pizza boxes which represents the new brand image and culture. Napkins, napkin boxes, aluminum foil covers, takeaway bags, thermal bags, delivery boxes, hot drink paper cups, tri-fold menus, waiter clothing, aprons, etc., are all redesigned and specified. The new items give a familiar but new impression of modern and stylish Champion pizza.

  • Project Year
  • Location
    Beijing, China
  • Area
    50 ㎡
  • Architects
    AE Architects
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