Moana Yachts 80ft. Interior Design

Moana Yachts is a National top luxury yacht company based in Shenzhen which develop, design and build different size vessels for leisure use. A complete team of designers and engineers are full-time developing the structure and shell which will provide the space for maximum comfort, efficiency in the open sea, functionality and beauty.

In a join-venture plan, AE Architects was asked to work together with Moana team developing the interiors for the different models and sizes. Each client has specific taste and requirements and each boat size and structure demands different challenges on how to maximize the use of the space and functions. therefore the interior solutions and style is a key for satisfaction of users. 

Our concept for the 80ft. Yacht, the biggest the company produce, starts with the idea of “waves”. I have been always attracted and amazed by the endless ocean, the massive water always on motion which moves and change everyday. This open space that cover 70% of the planet is also home of a natural environment with millions of species and a unique geography. Very far from our homes in land, the ocean is somehow an unknown and mysterious world

Moana Yachts makes possible the utopia of bringing our home to the middle of the ocean and let our world and the sea world meet. This experience is rich as a concept itself, is a privilege and is romantic because brings humans into another world. The journey must be comfortable and functional, the ideal combination of this two requirements brings at the same time beauty.

Our interior overall spaces moves like a wave connecting the limits in a tridimensional way. Walls and ceiling becomes one. Floor and cabinets melt each other and the materials in a way, behave like water. The metal and wood boards are polished not only because aesthetic reasons but also to protect the materials from the salt in the air. The wood decks let the water go through and the narrow windows seal the vessel from the sea.   

Each space is designed with the intention to enlarge the sailing experience, the main saloon is surrounded by glass offering 180 degrees of sea view. The polished part of the ceiling reflect the water and bring the ocean into the interior. The terrace deck let us touch the water and at night the undersea lights transform the deep ocean into a garden around this floating home. 

In the lower level two spaces are divided in each catamaran hull. Due to the structure and engineer requirements, this particular space face different challenges. The bed to reach the right dimension of 1.8m wide by 2m long need to be supported on top of the structure, detaching from floor around 60cm high. Therefore we designed an step like side cabinet to climb in the bed smoothly, minimizing the impact of the steel shell as well. This level is half under water making us literally immerse in the ocean world. 

Every single inch has been used, every space has several functions at the same time, for instance the bench is also a storage space, difficult corners become cabinets and the service spaces like bathrooms and kitchen are maximizes. The leather and fabric materials has special treatments to ensure durability. The wall panels materials such as stone has a thin layer of tile connected with aluminum bee panel type sandwich which has air inside to reduce the weight of the vessels and ensure the floating line. Engineering and aesthetic, romance and beauty, function and comfort, durability and efficiency, uniqueness and mystery comes all together to bring this dream home to the middle of the ocean. 

  • Project Year
  • Location
    Beijing, China
  • Area
    80ft ㎡
  • Architects
    AE Architects
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