Awa Health SPA

Awa Health is the first salt spa treatment and Cryo therapy in Beijing. With the latest technology and the most trained specialists it offer a pause in the busy city life. A time to clean your respiratory system, your skin and your whole body. With the floating tank therapy a state of peaceful mind and relaxation from the daily stress can be achieve with in 30 minutes. 

Located in the CBD area in Beijing, has a central access in Chaoyang district. From the entrance a transparent salt room works not only as its function itself but also as a showroom to the public areas. In this way the lobby proportion and the limits of the space are expanded as well.

Through a central corridor we can access to all the rooms and service areas. In the salt rooms real salt was sprayed in the walls and floor, offering a completely new experience.  

Natural elements communicate with technology in a smooth way. Round corners, white clean background and black reflective floor create a high contrast and a high-tech feeling. LED lights, screens and the equipments itself match each other as one single concept.

The Cryo therapy offer a room -125℃. Blue LED lights in the space match the high-tech devices. The VI and brand colors are taken into consideration, a touch of light blue was added in to the composition becoming a flag store for the future venues. 

  • Project Year
  • Location
    Beijing, China
  • Area
    100 ㎡
  • Architects
    AE Architects
  • Photographs
    Chiara Ye
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