Chengdu Mu-lan spa

Mu-lan spa is a 600 sqm facilities located in Chengdu new district. Our inspiration comes from the landscapes of valleys and mountain areas. Warm tones, clay, marble stones with delicates patterns were selected. By the entrance the high contrast between technology and nature welcome the visitors. A large curved reception desk, framed by a stone background that merges with lighting features, face the lobby area. Sophisticated furniture by the glass wall create a calm rest space under the ‘moon-like’ ceiling light.

Right after the lobby the consulting rooms island appear like a sharp bright laboratory for scientific diagnosis. This technological core helps to divide the functions as well. In the right of the plan the spa functions were set, to the left skin care section is located.  

A meeting room for gatherings and presentations follows the idea of tatami floor which supported by the furniture enlarge the height of the room and bring the sense of collectiveness and human scale. The trust in the professionalism of the clinic is combined with the peaceful and Zen environment of the spa. 3 spa rooms for vip, 2 for male spa, 5 skin care rooms, 4 SPA room , 4 consulting rooms, a nurse station, waiting areas and meeting rooms facilities complete the scene. 

  • Project Year
  • Location
    Chengdu, China
  • Area
    600 ㎡
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