Hong Kong Providence Apartment

Providence apartment located in Hong Kong’s North East Seaside at the top of a residential tower enjoys good views over the ocean and a generous outdoor terrace along the whole plan. The taste of our client perfectly fits our design philosophy and style. Mild tones and simplicity in every space, using natural materials like wood, matte stone tiles and outdoor black stones for the swimming pool. The elongated balcony allows each room to have a direct connection with an outdoor space facing south. The living room divides the west side of the house and the east side. In the first one is located the main bedroom, walk in closet, master bathroom and the swimming pool terrace. While the second one contains the kitchen, dinning area, daughter’s bedroom and grandma’s bedroom. Both rooms share a bathroom at the end of the corridor.

Thanks to the large beam that divides the public rooms with the balcony it is possible to open an 8m windows and bring the exterior into the inner spaces. We carefully minimized the impact of the structure of the house in order to achieve the clean and simple surfaces not only in the ceiling but also in the walls. The air conditioning machines and fresh air equipment has been set inside the vertical walls in both east and west sides.  

The apartment occupies 443sqm of the 26th and 27th floors of the north tower. By the entrance a spiral metal stairs guide us to the second floor terrace where an impressive view of the beach and the islands welcome us. A generous garden, set with a sofa area, a BBQ area and a dinning area is arranged in a regular square 7m by 12m long. At the west side a double height visually connect both terraces and the swimming pool. The boy’s room, which is use sometimes of the year and act as game room at other times has its own outdoor space and is located at this side of the vertical core. While the service area and storage is set at the east side of the core.  

The materials follow a balanced color palette of grays being the black and white the highest contrast. The geometry has its origin in regular shapes and straight lines achieving as a result a pure and modern minimalistic style.  

  • Project Year
  • Location
    Hong Kong, China
  • Area
    443 ㎡
  • Architects
    AE Architects
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