Macau Villa

Macau Villa is a large size residential project 1200 sqm located in the special administrative zone of Macau. The particular conditions of the site on top of a hill and partially sunk inside the mountain inspired us to adopt a particular concept to face the project. Our clients, an 80 years old man, chairman of a well known media and TV company in the city and his wife asked us to be as unique and radical as possible. The sons and daughters already independent from the family made us to consider a house only for two people and their guests. We took the given conditions as an input and source of inspiration for our design.

The building from south side face the street and rise only two floors but from north side face the river that divide Zhuhai and Macau going down along the cliff 4 floors, completing a total of 6 floors plus a roof terrace just for a single dwelling.

From the street after crossing the main entrance and living room a central core guide us to the underground levels. In order to create a contrast with the natural rocks and rough shapes of the mountain we choose glass and steel to design the spiral stairs from 1F to B3. This material language and style represents the technology and bring a touch of high tech feeling to the space which fits the owner’s activities. Adding green elements, wood materials and marble stones we bring nature into the inner environment.

The functions follows the needs and requirements of the client, in the 1F the foyer, living room, studio and a suite guest room. 2F the main bedroom, master bathroom and massage facilities. B1 spa for 4 guests, wine cellar and wine tasting area. B2 open multifunctional living room, chatting room and a bar. B3 dinning room, western and Chinese kitchen, terrace and BBQ area. B4 service staff room and storage. Finally on the roof top we set the laundry, maid’s room and terrace.

The villa from the outside is originally influenced by the classic Portuguese Mediterranean style, while in the inside we created modern and simple spaces combined with nature and vernacular elements. the public areas has a colder and bright tones to refresh the atmosphere from the tropical hot weather outside. The private areas are treated with warmer tones to bring intimacy and cosy feelings.

The underground floors enjoys privilege views to the river and Zhuhai across it. The result is a unique mix of historical elements, contemporary spaces and wild nature specially strong in the double loft areas.

  • Project Year
  • Location
    Macau, China
  • Area
    1200 ㎡
  • Architects
    AE Architects
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