Hong Kong Ma On Shan Apartment

Maonshan apartment is located in the north east coast of Hong Kong. On the top floor of a dwelling tower. Thanks to its privilege location it enjoys outside terrace, swimming pool, bbq area, and a unique view to the islands and the Pacific Ocean. 


Separated in two floors the entrance concentrate the public functions, while the second floor set the private rooms. Matching the client’s preferences we selected a combination of bright marbles light grays and a touch of metal copper to create a space modern, fresh, young and also high ending. We move smoothly through the different areas where minimal and clean surfaces contain storage functions and build in furniture. A bar counter and the TV stand helps to divide the space.


Right after the dinning area the sculptoric stairs guide us to the upper levels. It’s steps made by white marble are separated from each other with a small gap of 2cm. This design language is extended to the second floor lounge area becoming not only steps but cabinet and even bench.

In order to achieve the simplicity we wanted we low down the second floor adding steps on the slab so the stairs can go down straight and aligned with the dinning wall without any turn. This structural movement allows the common areas on second floor becoming a unique and interesting space instead of just a corridor. 


We also transformed the original walls in the main bedroom to create an spacious and flexible space with different functions overlapped. A walk in closet, a TV area and a resting space are carefully combined.

Between the Master bedroom and the walk in closet a 1.7m wide sliding panel divide the spaces. We used fabric with an original painting giving the texture of ink as a piece of art. This panel gives the possibility of privacy and intimacy while when open enlarge the limits of the space connecting the bedroom and closet as one.

From the window the blue of the sea and the green of the mountains add colors to this neat atmosphere.


While on the first floor we choose marble tiles for flooring, on the second floor bed room areas we use wood flooring, adding warmness to the spaces.

The guest bedrooms has more contrast between walls and ceiling. Dark wood panels for the background wall with contemporary lamps highlight the bed with LED belts underneath.

The outdoor spaces are designed to emphasize the magnificent views of the seaside landscape. Ocean and mountains can be seen from the swimming pool. We created an elevated platform flat with the water level to give the idea of infinity. The handrails partitions are made by transparent glass to don’t block the view. LED lights illuminate the deck. The terrace is divided in two areas, the swimming pool area and the BBQ area connected with the kitchen.

Maonshan apartment is a balance of sophistication, minimalism and contemporary space, designed to brings comfort, refreshment and a social space to share on top of Hong Kong sea area.





  • Project Year
  • Location
    Hong Kong, China
  • Area
    384 ㎡
  • Architects
    AE Architects
  • Photographs
    Kris Provoost
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