Osamu Ishiyama Lecture

AE  Architects was invited to give a lecture to the famous Catholic University of Chile. The lecture was hold on November 15th,2017. Our CEO, Abel Erazo, graduated from the prestigious Waseda University in Tokyo will discuss our professional knowledge of Japanese modern architecture and the design of renowned architect Osamu ishiyama (1944-)

Through Gen-an villa (1975), we narrate this very unique and avant-garde design influenced by buckminster fuller's design ideas, mobile architecture and open technology. Osamu Ishiyama interpreted this philosophy into the japanese way and his own position in time.

Abel Erazo had the opportunity to work with the renowned architects in Japan in the early 2000s, and is now transferring the experience to a new generation in his home country, Chile. At the same time, AE Architects was also influenced by the simplicity of oriental tradition, symbolism and combined with western modern philosophy.

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