DL Workspace

In the heart of Beijing financial district, this project offers an extra 3,000 sqm of share office space on top of the roof of an old factory and industrial park 3 stories height. The existent building made by red brick metal and glass is being used as office spaces, cafes and restaurant. The theme of the park is about movie industry and media so we aimed to create an extension which emphasis this idea and at the same time appear as something totally new. A light steel structure covered by black metal panels allow us to standardize the construction with very simple materials while producing a high contrast with the previous facilities.

In order to meet the needs of the future users, two areas are divided by a glass house which is a multifunctional space combining resting and leisure functions with symposium, lectures and events room. The south zone is defined as a villa for small companies while the north zone act as a big warehouse shared by individuals, groups or teams renting each desk monthly. Two meeting rooms, two water bars, two printing areas, private resting areas, casual discussion areas and a spa with shower services are free to use for all members. A touch of color and wood in the interiors bring the young and creative atmosphere matching the needs of an increasing sharing working space trend for the future. 

  • Project Year
  • Location
    Beijing, China
  • Area
    2,933 ㎡
  • Architects
    AE Architects
  • Photographs
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