Lianjia new concept stores

Lianjia is a successful and well known company. Started as a property agent, the company is now a full-stack real estate agent which provides multiple services like second-hand housing, new housing, renting, residential real estate, overseas real estate, internet platform, wealth management, post-real estate market etc. all along the country. Founded in 2001 the brand has been experiencing several transformations in its image and visual identity. In the recent years together with its expansion nationally and internationally the image has become more and more modern and simple. The green brand color is easy to recognize in almost every block of the country’s cities. And the stores design has a friendly, warm, functional, clean overall look. 


Currently, due to the extended network of over 40.000 stores all over China and the proximity of the company to the community we where asked to design a new concept which includes new functions and services to the neighborhood habitants. Basic products for daily use, wholesales corner, post office delivery box, shared meeting rooms, dry laundry delivery station, beverages and some fashion popular products shelves are some of the functions will be added to the traditional housing agent and real state services.  The concept works as a new type of convenience store totally self service by using QR code’s for cashier, affordable and popular products with a young new image.   


We carefully combined the traditional Lianjia functions with the new ones, smoothly integrating discussion room, agent service desk, shelves for products and delivery stations. The shopfront still appears with the strong and clean green brand color, presenting through a transparent glass wall the new products and shelves. The layout settings invite the users to try and communicate. The front part concentrate the store products, cashier and open communication with agents. 


While the back side, protected by the background logo wall, the private discussion rooms, post delivery lockers, dry cleaning delivery stations and beverage cabinets are located. 


The materials are a combination of different tones of green colors, which add more young feeling, white tiles and boards which keep the clean and neat image and a touch of wood on shelves and backgrounds which brings warm and home feeling close to the neighbors. The final result is a brand new concept and image for the community while keeping the original values of the traditional Lianjia brand. The flexibility of the design and open shelves allows to periodically change and refresh the products being able to even add new functions in an always evolving future. 

  • Project Year
  • Location
    Beijing, China
  • Area
    170 ㎡
  • Architects
    AE Architects
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